The one record Antonio Brown should worry about

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I know Oakland Raider Antonio Brown is no longer a Pittsburgh Steelers’ problem but when I hear that now all he wants to do is catch Jerry Rice as the all time greatest NFL receiver, I can only laugh. Maybe Antonio Brown thinks he can play at that level for another 10 years, which is really what he will need to do to catch Jerry Rice, but I doubt it. But who knows, maybe he can get all that garbage yardage if that is all he cares about. 

The one stat of Jerry Rice that Antonio Brown should try to surpass has nothing to do with yardage or receptions. Rather, this statistic has more to do with hardware. Super Bowl hardware—the kind you put on a finger.

How many rings you got Antonio Brown? 0. You and me are both tied.

Jerry Rice won 3 Super Bowls. Antonio Brown has 0, which is why he won’t be missed in Pittsburgh.

So could Antonio Brown catch Jerry Rice? He could, but it would require him to do what he is doing for another 9 or 10 years. An article by Charles Curtis for breaks it down for the simpletons:

Brown has to catch 713 more footballs before his career is over. He’d need to keep up his current streak of 100-plus catches (six straight seasons) for just over seven seasons. Did we mention Brown will turn 31 years old later this year? It’s not impossible — Larry Fitzgerald had three 100-plus catch years from 2015 to 2017 — but it’s going to be extremely tough.

It would be a monumental undertaking, but he could possibly do it. Hell, I suppose Tiger Woods could still beat Jack Nicklaus’s record of 18 golf championships but it is highly unlikely. Plus, Jerry Rice has a lot of character. Antonio Brown is a character. Not the same thing.

To borrow a line from Harvey Keitel as Winston Wolf in Pulp Fiction, “just because you are a character, doesn’t mean you got it.”

Character is why Fast Eddie Felson could never beat Minnesota Fats in the film The Hustler. Recall George C. Scott as Burt Gordon who said of his protegee “I know he can beat but will he beat you. These are two different things with Eddie.”

And so they are two different things with AB.

One thing Antonio Brown does have over Jerry Rice now, however, is that hands-down he has is the biggest asshole to ever play the position. So he does have that going for him.

Seriously, who does not show up for a game with playoff implications? I won’t go into his other transgressions because they are well chronicled—from speeding through my neighborhood north of Pittsburgh to hurling his furniture off his Miami condo balcony to throwing major shade on Steelers wideout JuJu Smith-Schuster by calling him out for how he fumbled during an important moment of an important game.

We knew the kind of guy he was while in Pittsburgh and they will come to know it in Oakland—just give it time. It almost seems like the whole world is starting to figure out that maybe, just maybe, Antonio Brown, is an asshole.

Once his game is figured out, or age creeps up on him, then he’ll have no more records to chase and situations to bemoan. That will be a sad day for Antonio Brown but for many of us that I’ll be a good day.

If the end of Antonio Brown’s career falters and he doesn’t put up good yardage without a franchise quarterback like he had in Pittsburgh—a distinct possibility—then he may not be a first time ballot Hall of Famer either.

The HOF folks may just hold him out like Terrell Owens just because of what a first class asshole he was all the years he played. 

So there you have it. Antonio needs some Super Bowl hardware or he will never be on the same pedestal with Jerry Rice. However, “Mr. Big Chest” can take solace in one thing: If he quit now, he would be the all time biggest asshole to ever play receiver. Is there a trophy for that? If not, the first one will be named after him.

Click the link below to read Charles Curtis’ full article about AB on USA Today’s website.

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