How to relax on the weekend while getting things done too

So it is Saturday morning and I have a shit load of yard work to do and it seems it never ends. Still, I take the time to keep you—whoever the hell you are—my reader informed with tips and man stuff that can actually help you in life. Well, that is the grand idea.

So as it were I came across an article writing by Elizabeth Grace Saunders, which was posted to the site at some point in May. The article has the curious subtitle that it only takes 4 minutes to read. Note sure I would even put that on a web article, but that is me. Anyway, let’s figure out how we can get shit down this weekend.

Saunders writes that For many, “I’ll do that on the weekend,” has become the answer to solving any apparent time limitation problem. In their weekday minds, the weekend becomes this mythical land where time is infinite and motivation abundant.

But in their weekend reality, time is still limited and their mind simply wants a break come Friday night–not a more packed schedule.

So how do you make the shift from having to recover from your weekends instead of weekends being recovery time? I’m glad you asked. As a time management coach and as someone who herself can sometimes be guilty of packing weekends too tightly, I’ve found that you can get stuff done and be refreshed. Here are four steps to reclaim your weekend.

Here steps include doing a bit of the following:

  • Put in what you need to be refreshed

  • Narrow what you want to get done

  • Prep for success for the upcoming week

  • Know your limitations

Point 1: Get refreshed

I think in a nutshell she is onto something here. I use my Saturday mornings to do whatever the hell I want, which usually now includes updating the Football Fan’s Diet. To a certain extent, it is refreshing for me because I don’t have to go to work. I still enjoy the early morning coffee with no worries that I have to be anywhere. I usually think about the yard, but don’t do a whole lot.

Point 2: Narrow it down

She brings up a good point here. We want to get a ton done, but time is limited. So, in that regards, I’ll be happy with what the weather gods allow. I also like to work toward a late afternoon beer too. It is my reward for working hard in the yard.

Point 3: Prep for success

Again, the lady brings up a good point here. I usually mark Sunday as a day for thinking about the week ahead and what I will need to do. This is also my weekly review as part of the Getting Things Done method for any of you that are familiar with productivity system.

Step 4: Know your limits

I am guilty of not knowing my limits in this regards. Sometimes I am too ambitious. Lately, I have learned to appreciate what I get done and not what I have left unfinished.

For the football fan middle-aged dads out there, this is good advice any weekend. We all know when the NFL football season comes around, however, it might all go out the window. But, let’s at least try to be productive during off season.

Click the link below to read the original article which contains more about her points.