Milestone: 21 days on OMAD Diet!

PITTSBURGH (FFD) - I have been re-landscaping myself the past few weeks and I have been using the OMAD (One Meal A Day) approach to intermittent fasting to do so. Beyond that, I have kept things simple for stupid people—like me and you.

It has been 3 straight weeks of touchdowns on the Football Fan’s Diet.

It has been 3 straight weeks of touchdowns on the Football Fan’s Diet.

There is a lot to be said about the KISS principle: Keep It Simple Stupid. This principle has largely been my approach during the past three weeks on the Football Fan’s Diet and—so far, so good. I am getting compliments about how I look, have more energy to do yard work, and my digs fit better. What more do I need to know other than that?

I gave up weighing myself over a week ago, because several times in the past, weighing myself and not seeing enough progress was enough to send me into a tailspin and go on a Whooper binge. I want to avoid that at all cost now. Now a touchdown is all I humbly ask for in exchange for completing an OMAD day, otherwise known as a 20:4 Intermittent Fast. For the uninitiated, the 20 indicates how many hours I must fast and the 4 indicates how long of an eating window I can have to eat my grub. Each day I have 4 hours to eat.

I have, to the utmost of my ability, kept it simple for stupid me—and it is working.

This post marks exactly three weeks of 20:4 fasting and I feel like this can be a sustainable approach for me and become more of a lifestyle than a diet. Of course, it can be hard at times, but I noticed I get more done during the day, the later I eat. What is more, the meals never tasted better too. I haven’t been picky about the food I eat other than to make sure that I get some value of fruits and vegetables into my window.

The KISS principle is now being applied to the website too. I removed the pages about the weekly box scores and press conferences. That became too hard to keep up with. I am in progress on another season (what else is new) and plan to update the standings page soon. Alas, that will more or less be a screen shot of my current scoring sheet.

In other news, I started a new job and I used that life change to transition to the 20:4 fasting approach. As you might have guessed, I started that job three weeks ago to the day. What will things look like 3 weeks from this posting? Hard to say, but if I keep it simple for stupid, I am guessing I might look smart and both my yard and my dad body will have benefited from the landscaping and simple diet.