NFL News: Moving from a 16 game to an 18 game season is a terrible idea

Posted by Scratch

Is it a good idea to expand the NFL regular season from 16 to 18 games? I think that would be a very poor idea, but who I am to tell the NFL gods what they should or should not do with the players lives? Yes, it would be more money for the NFL but it would also mean more head injuries too and I think a beat up league heading into the post season.

Back in 2011, writes Ryan Wilson for CBS Sports in an article that appeared on today, the last time the league and its players renegotiated the collective bargaining agreement, was the last time expanding the regular season from 16 to 18 games was brought to the table.

Nothing much has happened since—until recently, Wilson writes.

Wilson references a Washington post article that states that since the current CBA set to expire in two years, some NFL owners want to revisit the 18-game schedule and even expanding the playoff field.

According to Wilson, a high-ranking official with one NFL team said that there are "some owners who would like to expand the season" to 18 games, adding it's not clear "if there is much support from the players on that."

Unless there's been a drastic change among players, Wilson writes, they'll almost certainly oppose the idea of an 18-game season, for the same reasons it was opposed in 2011: More football means increased likelihood of injury, and the potential increase in salary wouldn't offset that.

I could’t agree more. This would be very bad for NFL players. On a lesser level, it would screw up all of our measures for success. Does a 1,000 yard season mean a whole lot in an 18 game season.

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