Need to get started on Intermittent fasting? How and what you need to know

Posted by Scratch

The Reader’s Digest website just posted a handy quick start and overview of how to get into Intermittent Fasting if you have never done it before. It asks, then answers questions, you might have been wrestling with such as is intermittent fasting good for weight loss? Is Intermittent Fasting safe to do.

The writer, Kimberly Holland, does a nice job of providing a summary of intermittent fasting and explaining the popular varieties of intermittent fasting protocols that are out there. It does not provide a ton of detail, but you should get the overall idea of how to get started.

For those whose primary goal is weight loss, pay attention to the the following:

Research suggests, writes Holland, that intermittent fasting can help people lose up to 8 percent of their weight in as little as three to 24 weeks—for a 200-pound person, that’s about a pound a week. Unlike typical diets, you may be able to lose weight without counting calories on this plan, Holland states.

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