Breaking up with Burger King and saying no to fast food

PITTSBURGH (FFD) - Yesterday driving home from work I had a curious decision to make—one of which I have made many times in the past. You see during the past month where I have successfully completed and intermittent fasting for 20 hours of fasting and four hours of eating, I didn’t hold myself to any particular standard in terms of what I ate. Because of that, I ate Burger King.

Matt scores for driving by Burger Kind and meeting his Daily Gameday Objective.

Matt scores for driving by Burger Kind and meeting his Daily Gameday Objective.

I need to quit Burger King. I need to no longer stop there as I get off the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Of course, if I am getting off the Turnpike it is because I have taken an alternate way home. Sometimes it is quicker for me to go this way, versus braving the commute through downtown Pittsburgh en-route to the North Hills. When traffic is really bad, I take the Turnpike.

The problem is that right off the turnpike is Burger King. Often times in the past month I would stop and order Junior Whoppers with Cheese and sleeve of onion rings. That is classic fast food eating.

As such, I would just eat some junior whoopers during the four hour window of my intermittent fast. Hey, I can eat what I want during my intermittent fasting window right?

I suppose so, but you get much better results when you eat healthy during your window. Still, if you are really fat, and implementing time-restricted eating according to an intermittent fasting protocol such as the 20/4, 16/8 or what have you, then don’t worry about the “type” of food just yet. Focus on frequency and then gradually switch from whoopers to whole wheat whatever.

For a month that worked fine and even though I occasionally stopped for Whoopers, I did lose weight. However, I realize I need to make healthier choices then Burger King. 

Scratch scores for hitting the bike for 30 minutes.

Scratch scores for hitting the bike for 30 minutes.

Hell, coach implored me in yesterday is Tuesday’s presser that I need to cultivate a decision making for more healthy options. He told me that I need to have a bias towards more healthy foods.

Coach will be proud.

Whereas in the past I would stop at Burger King, on the way home yesterday, I did not. In fact I went straight home and took a small power nap.

No sooner than a power nap was over I was up on the stationary bike since it was storming outside and knocked out a good 30 minutes. I then had a grilled chicken sandwich for dinner and even got a few for the kids. So I drove by Burger King and kept on driving.

Did I say bye bye to Burger King for good?

Too early to tell.

As a consolation, I consumed a small bag of potato chips, but you know what: I think driving by Burger King on the commute home from work made all the difference yesterday. That is why I put up another 10 on the fat man. Still, living up to Coach’s “bias toward healthy options” means I will have to say bye, bye to a lot of places—Burger Kind, KFC, Sheetz, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, KFC, Taco Bell. All of them, will come up sooner or later. After all, it is a long season.