Peacocks of the pool - will I ever be one?

Posted by Scratch

Memorial Day marked the opening weekend of the community pool. I had to get a new swimsuit because the one I had disappeared over winter, and maybe that’s a good thing. That swimsuit is associated with the past couple years of me not liking the pool. You see, I was never a proud peacock at the pool.  

I picked up a new swimsuit for the Memorial Day pool party which was mostly a gaggle of kids running around acting crazy. However, they were there, parading back around the pool for all of us middle age fat guys to sit in their bod shade.  

They would be the peacocks of the pool.

These are the towering hulking muscular stylish folks who walk about poolside like they are peacocks. Only a handful have the guts and confidence to parade around the pool and act like a peacock.

Only a peacock proudly displays his tattoo sleeve and his six pack, toned arms and baggy Bermuda swimsuit trunks. The female peacock shows off that hard work they’ve been putting in at the gym. However, this Memorial Day things were a little bit different.

I looked a lot better, for one thing.

I am not yet a peacock of the pool but it was one of the first times I actually started to feel very comfortable at the pool and is has been a long while since felt that way. I stepped out from the shade of the peacocks.

Those other peacocks were beginning to show some age too.

I know there is a word for it when you take pleasure in the misfortune of others—Schadenfreude. I don’t go out of my way to do so, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I was flush with a little pleasure at seeing the peacocks at the pool look like their feathers were a little less vibrant and colorful this year—at least compared to past parades at the pool. It looked like there was just a little bit more flab, a little less muscle tone, on the peacocks.

Dare I say that woman whom was teaching an online classes and liking everyone’s Facebook posts and showing off her house and fancy vacations in the Bahamas really looked like she needed to redo her own program and start buying her own Shake-Kool-aid-ology. 

Mark it here my friend. This pool day I began to notice flaws others had and the improvements that I have made. This is a reversal of confidence that is simply hard to contemplate when health and weight loss seem pointless.

But here I am on this lovely Sunday Memorial Day thinking that maybe one day I could be a peacock at the pool. Is that possible?

I don’t think I’d really care for that, but I will say looking better and feeling better and enjoying yourself moore at the pool, feels pretty damn good whether I am a pretty pretty bird or not.