Intermittent Fasting: Dealing with Holidays, Special Events and other “Trap Games”

Posted by Scratch

How do I not let Memorial Day, and other special events for that matter, derail my intermittent fasting progress? We have all been there right?

Your health plans are going well then bam—you find yourself at a picnic with barbecue meat, cold beer and all the other fixings you have been craving since winter.

It is so easy to let these days punch you in the health mouth, right? After a few cold beers underneath a beating sun, nothing tastes better right?

Okay, so you screw it up. It happens. You give up a touchdown to the fat man.

Worse than one day of dieting failure, it begins to lead to another day of missing your health goals. Then you simply don’t care. Your health plans become a football season that started out with the best of intentions but is quickly becoming a laughingstock.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

I am over a month into my intermittent fasting plan now, having embarked upon the 20 hours fast with a 4-hour eating window. This is commonly referred to at the 20/4 Intermittent Fast. However, today is Memorial Day. We are attending a pool party in the afternoon, at our community pool. There will be hot dogs and hamburgers. I call this a “trap game”.

A trap game on the Football Fan’s Diet is like one of those games on your favorite team’s schedule that creeps up when you are got looking ahead to the competition down the road. For my Steelers this seemed to happen quite a bit.

I think it was two years ago now that Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin was talking about facing the Patriots in the playoffs, when there was one minor problem. The playoff game that week was against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Steelers got punched in the mouth and hopefully Coach Tomlin learned a lesson. This was a classic football trap game.

In our plans to lose weight, holidays are trap games. They will punch our health plans in the mouth when we least expect it. They can derail a whole month’s worth of health efforts. They are not just holidays either.

A trap game can be a birthday party, happy hour, business trip, unexpected night out with the guys, a guest visiting from out of town. When it comes down to it, rarely a does a month go by where everything goes according to plans.

Even though on Intermittent Fasting, I am not changing my fast type. I am sticking to my 20 hours fast and 4-hour window. But, if you are fasting and you need to deal with a game, the beauty of Intermittent fasting is that you can pick an easier fast plan for that day. Instead of a 20/4 go with a 16/8 plan. That gives you 8 non-fasting hours.

If you are doing some other kind of Daily Gameday Objective, such as simply cutting calories, then add some wiggle room for the trap game. What calorie level would you need to meet to maintain your weight for the day? Maybe you could stay under that level on a trap game. That should give you an extra thousand calories almost if you were striving to lose pounds a week.

If you are doing a Keto diet, well, I won’t advise you go non-keto. However, you might allow yourself a little more of the Keto indulgences you enjoy the most. Meat wrapped in bacon comes to mind

In the end it comes down to be a little flexible in your health plan. When you have a Memorial Day picnic or other trap game, plan and figure out how you can realistically survive.

Trap games are not about pounding your opponent into submission, but rather escaping with a win. Play to contain and move on during the week.