Roethlisberger's bizarre comments on relationship with Antonio Brown

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s answer as to why he hasn’t spoken out since Antonio Brown’s social media tirades stretching back to last season is all bull crap.

In his Monday interview with KDKA Sports legend Bob Pompeani, Roethlisberger essentially said he avoided social media in the offseason because he needed a break from it all, since that is what he does all the time during the season.

That’s hard to imagine being true.

He went on to say he was surprised his busted relationship with the mercurial, sometimes golden mustachioed wide-out Antonio Brown, was in shambles.

How the heck can be be dumbfounded by that?

“Well, in the offseason, I like to like to just be with family and be away and stay away from the craziness ’cause the media is my life during football season,” Roethlisberger said. “So when I can get a break from it, I try to get a break from it.”

I hate to say it but I am not buying Ben’s “gee whiz, WTF happened” take on his relationship with the now Raider Antonio Brown. Heck, Roethlisberger even put forth the silly notion that Antonio Brown might still be a friend. Ben’s take is that he was totally surprised that things fell apart. Really Ben?

Although Ben admitted that his criticism of Antonio Brown, after the Denver game when Ben complained about Antonio Brown’s route, went too far, he is being a major D-bag.

“I can see where that comment was perceived to be negative towards AB, but it wasn’t meant that way,” Ben said. “It was more, you know, just like everything during the season, it’s a compliment to AB ’cause he’s doubled every single play and that’s why … it’s still so amazing that he was able to do it through all the adversity of double and triple teams. It was more meant that I should have gone to JuJu because he was single covered. I regretted it. That’s the thing about media and social media and things like that, as soon as you say it, sorry only goes so far. You can’t take it back and I wish I could because if that’s what ruined our friendship and our relationship, then I am truly am genuinely sorry about that.”

Roethlisberger went on to explain he would be upset if that is why their friendship is now suffering. It used to be they would “hug it out” if they had any differences in the past.

Ben. Get the F out of here. I don’t buy that. You are happy that A-hole Brown is no longer here in Pittsburgh. Admit it.

If you are that fake with your fans, then there is clearly some truth to Antonio’s criticism of you. You guys both come off as dip shits.

Roethlisberger’s responses make me believe there is truth to the accusations behind Antonio Brown’s comments about Big been being a false “two face”. After all, he is handing this crap to his fans.

Make it known here: Ben is being disingenuous with his fans, deliberately manipulative, naive, disconnected from reality or all the above or some of the above. 

So what does this mean in the end?

Really not a whole lot.

He is the franchise quarterback and the Steelers willingly and publicly acknowledge he is the man who is closest to a player coach as you will find in the NFL. So I have no problem with Ben and his role on the team, but spare me the bullshit.

Still, his obvious fake response disappoints me as Steelers fan.

I had respect for Ben during his silence because to me he truly was taking the high road. Giving us a load of crap about his surprise and hurt because Antonio essentially Twittered himself out of town patronizes just about everybody that is a Steelers fan. Okay Ben. Whatever.

We know you are not telling us what you really think.

You are likely an A-hole—like your buddy who was shipped off to Oakland for a bag of footballs and a mid-round pick. You are not paid to be Mr. Personality but win football games and Super Bowls.

You have your own undeniable unlikable factor whether Brown is catching footballs here or on the West coast.

However, what you revealed in blowing smoke up our butts, is that Antonio Brown—as goofy and wacky as he is—is not the only tango partner in this unmitigated social media mess and shit storm that has unfolded and befell the once proud Steelers organization since last year.

So Antonio Brown may still have that red hot poker of up his butt, but the man holding it is you. You just don’t want to admit it. So he might have a reason to mad at you.

Since the season ended I had respect for Big Ben’s heralded abilities to make “"something about nothing.” Escapability is a respectable quality on the field but in the public eye.

If Roethlisberger’s silence has been merely contrived to reveal a truly false outlook on his relationship with AB, which he now peddles to Steelers fans, then shame on Ben. 

Make no mistake about it. Antonio is still a complete moron and makes really dumb comments and that won’t end. However, Ben’s comments to Bob Pompeani affirm that he is in the same boat and that they both have an oar in rowing this idiocy boat together.