Should You Quit Intermittent Fasting?

Wednesday, May 15, 2019 | Posted by Scratch

There are so many benefits of intermittent fasting, writes Brittany Natale for Monday. Yes, it can help you lose weight, but you may also feel more focused and energized, experience less bloating, gain control of your cravings, and more, she states.

We at the illustrious front office of The Football Fan’s Diet agree with that sentiment, but she goes on to harp about some side negative effects according to health experts.

Let’s take a look.

Natale writes that IF made her feel “exhausted and hangry.” As a result, she eventually went back to eating on a normal schedule. She was so curious, Natale states, and wanted to see if her experience was a common one.

So what did she do? She asked her network of experts.

They gave her three reasons you may need to quit, according to dietitians and a doctor. These experts explained that if you have side effects like headaches and your sleep is all screwed up, it might not be for you.

If you find yourself overeating during the window, that’s a sign that things aren’t right on your IF either.

I will have to agree to a certain extent with the overeating during the window part. I have experienced that before, but I think the overeating struggle is regardless of the eating plan. If you overeat you will overeat on any diet or you will struggle to keep portions real.

My personal take is that on the IF with an eating window, you get a chance to slowly feel full. Yes, there are days during my eating window I overeat for sure, but over the course of weeks, I have begun to slowly, if not naturally, stop eating during my window when I simply feel full. This is a skill that IF can help you work on if is a problem for you.

The last reason the experts explained to Natale was that if you have medical conditions IF might not be right for you. Okay. Hard to argue there.

Vanessa Rissetto, MS, RD, CDN is quoted by Natale as stating that, “I would caution against intermittent fasting if you're on antibiotics as well, because many of them require a small amount of food so you don't have an upset stomach,"

So, what is the Football Fan’s Diet’s take? It might not be for all, but it might be perfect for some.

You must use the playbook right for you and right now, as of this post, intermittent fasting is the playbook that works best for me. Is it the right playbook for you? You won’t know unless you give it a try.

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