How much weight can you loose on 3 weeks of OMAD Intermittent Fasting?

PITTSBURGH (FFD) – I dreaded the thought on stepping onto the scale Sunday. Far too often in the past a scale reading was all it took for me to give up my health plans completely. I would bitch and moan about how I was not making any progress and lament the sad idea that woe is me: no matter what I do, I am not ever going to lose weight.

With that weight on my shoulders to say nothing of the weight on my ass, I stepped on the damn scale.

Did I freak out? Did I make a beeline to the refrigerator for left over Pizza?  Did I wake up a day later with an empty bucket of KFC on my head like Will Ferrell did in the film Land of the Lost?

No I did none of those things.

Instead, I smiled. I was pleasantly surprised. After more than three weeks on the One Meal a Day plan (OMAD), which is a form of Intermittent Fasting (IF), I was down 9 glorious pounds. I can’t argue with those numbers. My weight loss journey is showing signs of progress.

Scratch outside his Jeep at a Gas station on a rainy Monday morning in May. Look at that shiny forehead! Hey, Scratch is a little more thin in the upper body. Let us give him credit in that regards. Those jolly round cheeks? Curious if that is where the next 20 pounds will come off?

The best thing about it all, I largely drank Sam Adams beer when I did have beer. I did not drink light beer at all. I didn’t even watch how many calories I consumed or pay a lot of attention to exactly what I ate for those calories. However, I was very mindful that I needed to get at least some healthy food in my body.

So for those of you considering the OMAD Diet, here is what I can tell you more than three, almost four, weeks into it:

  • Keep your eating window to 4 hours.

  • Use the timer on your phone when you start your eating window. The timer on your Apple phone works fine for this.

  • Don’t fuss over calories. Counting calories stinks. It messes with your head. In some ways, the scale can do the same thing. If the scale causes you problems, don’t get on it.

  • Don’t fuss over what you’re eating – but be mindful to eat some healthy stuff, for some value of the word “some.” Hey, I read an article that said bad food is not so much an early death so much as is a lack of good food. Think about that.

  • Get into a routine. Try to keep the time your start your window to the same time each day. Mine is typically between 5 and 7.  

  • Get some exercise.

Essentially that is what I have been doing for the best 3 plus weeks. Not only I am a psyched because I have lost weight, but I am more so because I am making the OMAD a lifestyle choice that I can live with.