I did a real 24 hour fast earlier this week - here is how that went

On Monday I did a complete 24 hour fast. It worked and I felt great for the most part. I wasn’t hungry at all for one thing, and for another, I seemed to have a lot more to do with the day since I was not consumed with thinking about how to fill it up with food.

This vacancy, or dearth of dinner time, if you will, compelled me to simply go for a long walk because at least it would knock out another hour until the fast was over. So, I strode around my neighborhood walking track. I did the run-walk-run-walk approach. I mostly walked, but I did run, knowing that I need to run a lot more and a lot more often to drop a hundred pounds.

I started running on Sunday around North Park, a county park north of Pittsburgh. My daughter came with me and encouraged me to keep going. She encouraged me to challenge how far I would run.

Her techniques usually entailed picking out a marker such as a sign post, the end of the bridge, a tree. Then once I started there, select another landmark in the distance, and run toward it. I did this all the way from where we parked the blue Jeep to the lovely North Park boathouse.

Of course, later that day, I met a good friend for beers at Sieb’s Pub in the North Hills of Pittsburgh. For all the good I did, I am sure the Guinness beer I drank on St. Patrick’s Day, did me no favors.

This running over the weekend, set me up for another run on Monday. That was the fast day. I didn’t consume any calories whatsoever. For the record, that is the first time I ever fasted without eating anything for over 24 hours. I weigh over 300 pounds, so I think my body has enough in the calorie pantry to get by until it is time to eat again. I did have a few Diet Mt. Dews, but that crap is what I call PED (performance enhancing drugs) on the Football Fan’s Diet.

So, Monday was a kick ass day. No doubt about it. Yesterday was the non-fasting day and I must admit, I am not sure what constitutes success on a non-fasting day. Can I just eat whatever the hell I want? Can I jam anything at all down my pie hole because I fasted the day before?

Here is what I did do.

In the morning I had an omelet—this was comprised of 3 eggs, cheese, and some deli ham. This was a no-carb affair. It was good and held me over until lunch. During lunch I had a gigantic salad without meat. It was mostly spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, and every other vegetable that comes to mind.

Later in the day I had 12 wings and some pasta springs with red sauce. I also had about 6 Samuel Adams’ beers.

A quick check on my calorie counter, tells me that comes close to a little over 3,000 calories. However, on the fast day, I did my stationary bike at home for a half hour, and I also did a good 45-minute walk which burned a total of 1,100 calories across the two days. At that clip, I’ll be skinny in no time.

This approach is not without concerns.  

I have always tended to offset what I set. So, for the all the good work I do on one day, I fuck it up on the next. However, if I look back at yesterday and Monday, I clearly did not offset what I set.

In that sense, I can’t look at a fast day as a standalone entry in my weight loss journey, but rather as a dyadic pairing of days - one fasting and the other not fasting. Together these days must result in a calorie deficit and for two days they did.

Therefore, for a day, I felt like a champion. Check back to see how I feel as the week progresses. If you have any experience with alternate day fasting, leave some comments.