Scratch reviews various diets based on intermittent fasting approaches

By Scratch

PITTSBURGH (FFD) - Today I am going to talk about a lot of approaches to intermittent fasting and how they work for me. Maybe they will work for you.

It is Saturday afternoon and I have to do stuff like most middle aged family guys must do on weekends. I have grass to cut, hit the gym, some laundry, stop at a few stores and what have you. But, I digress. Time to talk about my day last night and what I plan to do to change things and elevate my dieting game.

I gave up a field goal yesterday for having beer. I did keep it reasonable.

I gave up a field goal yesterday for having beer. I did keep it reasonable.

Yesterday I did have a few beers, but not that many. I was home early too. In fact, I was a bit tired and just wanted to chill. My wife had a tango event to attend with some friends, so I hunkered down at home and sang the blues. Literally.

I played the blues on the piano.

I am attempting to fill the void that I typically fill with calories with notes, as in blues piano notes. I am not that good. Nonetheless, I had a good evening at home as I watched Fats Domino videos on YouTube and tried to get some left hand chords down. No luck, but my daughter, who is quite a musical whiz, helped me make some progress today.

So my consumption on Friday was essentially a few beers at Mad Mex with chips and some wings. I also had a few beers at a place literally down the street from my home in the North Hills of Pittsburgh. I was out for a few hours and I was home. I’ll take the touchdown thank you.

Tonight my wife and I are going to hear a jazz blues musician. Therefore, no football for me today. However, the Steelers are playing the Ravens on Sunday night. I might get out for that.

As many of you know, Coach Corksoaker ruled that certain restaurants are off limits - essentially all fast food restaurants. I had another conversation with him later. We decided that the Daily Gameday Objective needs to be doable, fun and warrant scoring for progress. We both agreed that intermittent fasting is a good approach for me. There are several flavors of intermittent fasting. Let me get into some of them.

Alternate Day Fasting

I scored a touchdown yesterday, but I am going to make things tougher.

I scored a touchdown yesterday, but I am going to make things tougher.

This is when you eat every other day. However, on days that you don’t eat, you are typically allowed 500 - 600 calories. This works good, very good, except for me, I would eat 100 calories in the form of a green juice, then have 5 Miller Lites later that day. I am pretty sure that is not what was intended on this diet. If I can do one of these days, without the beer, then this is the holy grail for me. This is truly a touchdown.


This is fasting for 16 hours and eating all your food within an 8 hour window. This is a more permissive and doable version of my current Daily Gameday Objective, which is to successfully do a day on the Warrior’s Diet.

20:4, Warrior’s Diet

On this intermittent fasting approach, I have a 4 hour window to eat food. The other hours I can have raw fruits and vegetables. This works well, but I have a tendency to abuse the 4 hour window. I mostly eat the wrong stuff.


The 5:2 fasting diet refers to days, not hours. You eat normally for 5 days and fast for 2. Not bad. Again, it comes down to eating normally on those other days.

So which one works for me? That is a great question? I think there are some pros and cons to each approach. The Warrior’s Diet is good, but it’s biggest draw back for me is the need to feel I better eat what I can during the 4 hour window.

The 16:8 is more permissive and quite counter intuitive it might result in less food consumption that the 20:4 or Warrior’s Diet, mostly because you don’t get the pressure to fill up in 4 hours. You can kind of say no to food and not feel you will live forever without. However, the Warrior Diet and the 216:8 are great for keeping holiday eating events a breeze.

The 5:2 is good too, but really, you have 5 days you better eat right. I have had years of eating poorly day and day out, so I need something to do each day.

Again, alternate day fasting is a true fat burner in my opinion, but hard to do for a long period of time. If on fasting days, I have nothing but light beer, I think I am cheating the spirit of it, and my health, though it should be noted it does work, beer or no beer.

Okay, so where does that leave me? What will ultimately work for me? I think there is something wrong with my scoring system? If I score 55 points, I should be losing some serious weight. Not staying the same. That means my Daily Gameday Objective is simply too easy.

I am now going to change that. I talked to Coach Corksoaker and he agrees. So here then is the adjusted Daily Gameday Objective summary. I am sure the foul-mouthed Coach Corksoaker will have more to say out this approach at his next presser.

New Daily Gameday Objective (DGO)

This is the new scoring system based on my affinity for intermittent fasting.

  • Touchdown - Alternate Day fasting day. If I have less than 600 calories.

  • Field Goal - 20:4 or a Warrior’s Diet Day. I get 3 points

  • Punt - This is the more permissive 8 hour eating window on the 16:8 intermittent fasting approach. I do that and it is wash. I get 0 points but I dont’ give up any either. In short, I punt the ball to my Inner Fat Slob and play defense. This then becomes a way to relax on the weekends.

If I fail to not do any of those, then I give up a touchdown. Other Field Goals are not affected. I am giving myself a 3 points if I exercise more than 30 minutes. I will give up 3 points if I have beer.

This changes to my Daily Gameday Objective seem easier, but I am not sure that is the case. If I do a 16:8 day and punt for no points, I better damn well get off my ass and make sure I got some exercise in that day, or I will loose 0-3. With exercise, I can at least punt and get a 0-0 score that day. Sometimes that can be a healthy outcome.

This also means that my scores are going to come down. My best score will likely be 4 Alternate Day fasts for 28 points with 3 Warrior Diet Days to add 9 more, for a total of 37. Plus, if I exercised each day, I could add 7 field goals. This would give me a score of 51 points. That would be a super blow out of the Inner Fat Man.

On the contrary, if I don’t do any Alternate Day fasts and take two 16:8s on the weekend, well, I would not be looking at a very high score. This should reflect that I would likely not be losing much weight either.

So there you have it on this last Friday in September. I have made adjustments. Coach Corksoaker agrees. So time to play football on the Football Fan’s Diet.