Failed on the Warrior's Diet Intermittent Fasting approach - at least for a day

By Scratch

PITTSBURGH (FFD) - For those following along here, you may know that my Daily Gameday Objective - the heart of the Football Fan’s Diet - is about completing a day of Intermittent Fasting according to the Warrior’s Diet approach.

I was unable to do that yesterday. The Fat Man took one the distance.

Scratch failed to obtain his Daily Gameday Objective and thus gave up 7 to his Inner Fat Slob.

Scratch failed to obtain his Daily Gameday Objective and thus gave up 7 to his Inner Fat Slob.

Granted, I am only interested in containing my unhealthy food choices down to 4 hours on this approach during the preseason phase of Season 47. Therefore, by no means can I claim I am following the advice of Ori Hofmekler, author and inventor of the Warrior’s Diet.

But, what can a fat man do?

Yesterday, I was depleted of energy and sleepy too. It was rainy and miserable and my employer is in the process of tearing down the office I work in so they can make it open. Not only is the office nearly vacant as they migrate us over to temporary headquarters, there are no pictures, people and other decorations to keep it interesting.

It’s just a damn rainy boring day in September. So what did I do to be healthy? What did I do to fight that cold?

I ate Burger King for lunch. I drove to Burger King and ordered a bunch of stuff. Later that day, at home, beyond my window of eating, I ate pasta. The day was a health loss.

So on season 47, yesterday was the first day that I gave up points to my Inner Fat slob. The scale is trending upward too. That is not good.

In fact, one of the tenets of the Daily Gameday Objective is that if you consistently obtain it, yet do not make now real progress toward your goals, well, you made it too easy. At such times, you can adjust your Daily Gamday Objective.

Tonight I am still low in energy. My positive outlook is missing. It is still raining and I am questing why the hell I am bothering with this dam diet, a book I am writing, and other creative projects. Why not say to hell with it all?

What if I simply suck at this, that, and everything else I aim to do in my life? I can’t think like that though. You shouldn’t either. I need to fix my outlook in a hurry.

Did I say I lost yesterday. It is raining out again. My energy levels are low. I got punched in the mouth by the fat man yesterday. How will I respond today?