Steelers Stars are Jagoffs!

By Scratch

PITTSBURGH (FFD) - If you are not from Pittsburgh, the word “jagoff” is like being called a jerk. It seems that a lot of Steelers deserve this term.

LeVeon Bell is a jagoff, so is AB, and Ben, well, we have been reminded of what a jagoff he has been in the past—and maybe still is.

I got a TD yesterday, because I ate within a certain window of time thus achieving an intermittent fasting DGO (Daily Gameday Objective). Next, week I plan to focus on adding more healthy choices to my offensive playbook.

I got a TD yesterday, because I ate within a certain window of time thus achieving an intermittent fasting DGO (Daily Gameday Objective). Next, week I plan to focus on adding more healthy choices to my offensive playbook.

My health efforts continue. I still have have that nagging cough, so hopefully it doesn’t mean I’ll be dead by the end of this season on The Football Fan’s Diet. I will say, I feel a bit more like 80-percent alive today. My creativity is coming back, though you might disagree by this error-riddled post.

I didn’t do jack squat in terms of exercise yesterday, but I kept to my DGO. So, I got the TD. It may be a while before I can consistently add a field goal.

Happy hour beckons and I am not sure where I will make a pit stop, but I will plop my butt somewhere for an hour. I have a couple options—Hal’s Bar is always a good choice, Roma is an Italian restaurant, where some friends are gathering, and I am back in the good graces of the Wheelfish since they cleaned house and fired all the nasty waitstaff they had going there for a while. Wherever I go I will keep you in mind my fat friend. If anything, us football fan’s are good mutual beer drinkers.

Man, it is hot and stuffy for this time of the year in the Burg. I kinda look forward to a little cooler weather. Maybe it will get me out more.

My wife is switching over to a whole food type diet, and maybe I should too? If I did whole food eating during my fasting window, I am sure I would be dropping the weight no problem. As it is, for this first week on Season 47 of The Football Fan’s Diet, I am focused on an eating window of 4 hours.

20 hours of fasting is 20 hours of no junk food. Unfortunately, in that 4 hour window, I have both indulged and imbibed. That won’t change—at least until next week.

I know for this season to be a success, I need to get much better. But, I am in the “scrimmaging” phase of my season, so I am working on fundamentals. Those fundamentals mean eat your grub within four hours. Next week, I will work on more healthier choices.

Now back to that depressing football news, I am still rather disgusted that it seems the Steelers can’t stay out of the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. We have no idea when LeVeon Bell will return to run the ball. Antonio Brown is still acting like a jerk in my mind. Add to that Ben Roethlisberger is back in the news for his dubious mention in Stormy Daniels tell-all that will soon be available.



Ross Township, Pa

It sounded like Trump was Big Ben’s wing man back then? I don’t know what to make of that? Ben sounded like a first class jerk back then and maybe he still is? We can change, but that doesn’t mean you get a pass. We all must own our history.

Let me be clear. I fully support the #MeToo movement. That being said, I am not sure Big Ben is a total turd here in regards to his chronicled effort to walk Stormy Daniels to her hotel room.

A good friend of mine commented that, well, Ben Roethlisberger walked a porn star to a hotel room and asked for a kiss good night. He hoovered over the door for a bit, and left.

Given Stormy Daniels chosen line of work, he commented, would Ben’s behavior be deemed out of the ordinary or even frightening? It could, but I think there is some detail missing. Of course this does not paint Big Ben as a devout follower of thy heavenly savior, but it does not make him a Catholic priest either (ouch—sorry, that comment was earned).

All that being said, what a rough week for the Steelers. Here’s hoping they figure out that social media is not their friend. Moreover, just because you make millions, doesn’t mean people will automatically love you. No matter how much money you have, a jagoff is a freaking jagoff.

Hope you have a nice and safe Friday. May your team win, unless they are playing the Steelers and if your team is the Steelers may they defeat their lesser selves come Monday, along with the team standing in their way.