The dreaded before picture... And still suffering from a cold

By Scratch

PITTSBURGH (FFD) - I survived the funeral I attended yesterday of course most people survive funerals, except for those in whose honor they are held, but that is stating the morbid and the obvious. In this case, though, I knew there would be a few beers after the viewing of the body and there were beers afterward—and for good remembrance of the one for whom the funeral was held.

Still, I kept my goals in mind. I have living to do—a second half of life so to speak. If anything, a funeral is reminder of what how much time is left in the game of life.

When your 4 quarters are up—its time to go to that Hall of Fame in the sky.

On that note, I will cut to the chase… Since I plan on blogging just about every day until I am skinny or dead… Let it be said, I was not ashamed to post a “before” picture. Here it is for posterity (and let us never hope for remembrance).


Earlier this summer… Probably 310 pounds.

Earlier this summer… Probably 310 pounds.

Life Goes On

Well. I am happy to say that I achieved my Daily Gameday Objective by keeping my glutinous behavior to within a window of 4 hours. Certainly it wasn’t healthy, but still, I contained The Fat Man.

The Fat Man is the name of the unhealthy version of me. I simply call him The Fat Man. When I achieve my health goal for the day, I score over The Fat Man. When I don’t, The Fat Man scores on me.

My whole season, Season 47, will be a fight against The Fat Man. Towards those ends, I have a certain offense I am going to run against it. It is called Intermittent Fasting.

What is Intermittent Fasting?

There are many variation of intermittent fasting, but the one I am choosing to following is often referred to as the 20-4 fast. You fast for 20 hours and feast for 4. This was originally conceptualized by Ori Hofmekler when he published The Warrior’s Diet.

I stuck to the Warrior’s Diet. I drank beer and ate fried chicken, but it was about containment yesterday.

I stuck to the Warrior’s Diet. I drank beer and ate fried chicken, but it was about containment yesterday.

During the 20-hour fasting part of the diet, I can consume small amounts of dairy products, hard-boiled eggs and raw fruits and vegetables, as well as non-calorie fluids too. After 20 hours, I can binge within a four-hour overeating window.

For me, that would include a time for pizza, beer, wings. Still, it should be noted, that unprocessed, healthy and organic food choices are encouraged.

Anyway, my Daily Gamday Objective is simply keep to the 20 hours of fasting and 4 hours of feasting rule. Yesterday, I met that goal, though it was hardly a healthy ordeal.

I probably had a few too many beers. Then for dinner, I gobbled down fried chicken. Healthy? Nope. But, since it was a social occasion, the unhealthy food was contained much like a difficult offensive receiver or running back—containment is a good word for playing health defense on days when you know your Inner Fat Slob will have ample opportunity to run your fat butt over.

Editor’s note: That last paragraph is total bullshit. If you skip ahead, you will find that Scratch comes to the realization that you can’t make the DGO too easy. Containing fried chicken? Get real? He comes to his senses much later… Skip to November postings to see what I am talking about.

Like a football game where the defense must stop a running back that is unstoppable, you want to manage the damage they can do. This is what I did to The Fat Man yesterday.

Well, I still got that cold. It has been three weeks since I have been sneezing and wheezing and snorting all over the place.

Today I want to be extra healthy. Wait a second. I just received a text from my daughter asking if I can pick up a Hawaiian pizza on the way home. Jeez. Loosing weight is not easy. On that note, The Fat Man has the ball again. Let us get this day on. See you slimmer tomorrow.