Prophet weighs in on Steelers Chargers

By Scratch

PITTSBURGH (FFD) - It is Sunday and that means it is time for the Polish Prophet. Today we seek his wisdom in predicting the outcome of the Steelers-Chargers contest.

A rare picture of the The Prohet.

A rare picture of the The Prohet.

What happened last time?

The stars were misaligned last time, when The Prophet uncharacteristically misspoke about a football outcome. We also acknowledge that an unusually high level of solar flare activity could have scrambled his vision when the Steelers handed a game to Denver.

Typically, what the Prophet says comes to pass. After all, it is the divine nature of the Prophet’s access to the football gods that he is so chosen as their earthly emissary to foresee the outcomes of men playing football.

Alas, us mere mortals, Bud and Scratch, must shoulder our share of the blame for Prophet’s Denver prediction last week. We did not sacrifice enough beers to the football gods.

Bud and Scratch, therefore, shall do penance tonight and make amends so that Prophet can return to his chosen status as a true diviner of football prognostications.

Prophet predicts Steelers 40 and the Chargers 34. So it has been said, and so it shall come to pass—hopefully!

On that note, bottoms up from Scratch, Bud and The Prophet.  We’ll be watching from the Hiland Bar.