Can I just quit being fat?

By Scratch

PITTSBURGH (FFD) - It is early Friday morning and the question on my mind is this: can I just quit being fat? What do I mean by that?

I mean exactly that.

Why not just quit all the blabbing about lifestyle changes and simply be the healthy version of me that I need to be? Is it just a simple decision?

A typical Thursday after work crowd at the Hiland Bar in West, View, Pa. Hey, not everybody is fat.

A typical Thursday after work crowd at the Hiland Bar in West, View, Pa. Hey, not everybody is fat.

All too often we plan and chart and road map and write goals—and invent, ah, stupid diets—to come up with a myriad of ways to obfuscate one simple fact: being fat is largely a choice.

Surely you say, I can’t be saying that I am choosing to be fat. But, alas, yes I am.

That’s bad, right?

Yikes. I hear it all the time. Fat people have low will power. Fat people are lazy. Fat people aren’t ambitious. So for me to say that being fat is a choice, may appear to be supporting those disparaging opinions of fat people. But, I am not saying that at all.

Here me out you lazy fatso.

First, I am fat, but I know I have a lot of will power. Part of my problem I am realizing is that I have conflicting pleasure outlets. I like to socialize with the boys to relax and talk football and shoot the bull about man stuff. I always have.

Well, the bar is not the most healthy place in the world to hang out—no bar is. There is typically comfort food and spirits and relaxed inhibitions tend to the be the norm. No matter how healthy you are, you are healthier if you skip the bar.

Still, there are people, I have noticed, at the bar, that are in really damn good shape. How is that possible. I am guessing they choose to be that way.

I notice many of them don’t shy away from a good craft beer too. That is they don’t make a big deal about it. And, some of those folks, are even regulars. So these skinny dudes enjoy the social scene, but obviously it is when they are not part of the bar scene, they must make different choices than I do.

Yes that is right. It is about choices.

Those people leave the bar and choose to be healthy. I leave the bar and I choose to be fat.

So again, can I just choose not to be fat? I will ponder that over a happy hour beer later today—as I continue to make poor choices.

How am I doing?

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