A great Sunday and 7-minute HIIT workout to start the week

By Scratch

PITTSBURGH (FFD) - Yesterday concluded Thanksgiving week and I was eager to get back to the Tuesday I never had. Here me out.

On Monday of last week, I totally killed it at the gym. The next day, not so much. Beers with the Boys, then Thanksgiving the day after that, followed by another day of catching up with the relatives, and you name it. 

Sunday, however, was a welcome return to the fasting and low-calorie approach. Moreover, it is Monday morning and I just meditated and completed a 7-minute HIIT workout on my IPhone.

Now that is something different.

Sunday was a dynasty day. Those are days when there is no doubt that your health game is on the level of a dynasty NFL franchise.

Sunday was a dynasty day. Those are days when there is no doubt that your health game is on the level of a dynasty NFL franchise.

What the heck is HIIT exercise?

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. (When I grew up it was called calisthenics.) In it, you do a series of push ups, squats, steps on a chair, torso movements, jumping jacks and push ups. Monday morning, I did some of this self-torture. I felt great.

Why 7-minutes in the morning?

I wanted something I can quickly do in the morning and on the go, such as in a hotel room.

My wife tried to get me into a Sean T. workout on Beach Body and by some other fit lady for that matter, but I can’t get into the Beach Body cult. It annoys me.

Beach Body reeks of pyramid scheme marketing and the everyday people that preach it, while in shape, drink way too much of the sugar free Kool-Aid.

Hey, if you like sticking your ass up in the air on the beach and acting like it is a perfectly natural act, and that your family just happened to snap you totally unaware of your sunrise-glistening buttocks bliss, more power too you. You could, in theory, do Beach Body, on the Football Fan’s Diet. I doubt that would happen, but you could.

This week will be about routine

Back to that 7-minute workout HIIT workout. There was more to it than that too. I also downloaded a meditation app, which lets you squeeze in all the Zen Buddhist stuff in about 5 minutes. Isn’t America great. There is an app for your salvation. But, I digress.

The focus this week is on routine and I want to get up early, meditate, do some light exercise—I guess called HIIT nowadays—and get on with the day.

I don’t have a lot of time in the morning, but I certainly take too long to have my morning coffee.  That being said, 7 minutes. I got 7 minutes.  

I hear the whistle. I am 0-2 so far during the Preseason, but the 3rd week begins now. I plan to HIIT it in the mouth. Let’s hope my inner fat slob, doesn’t hit back.

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