The benefits of counting calories during the holidays

By Scratch

PITTSBURGH (FFD) - I was hoping to make Saturday a juicing fast day, but instead it devolved into a chips, salsa and seasonal Sam Adams beer day—and I’m not fretting. It was a great time. Nonetheless, I recorded my fourth consecutive losing day on The Football Fan’s Diet—the dreaded “red 10s” had reared their ugly heads. However, I recorded something else too-a lot of damn calories! I gained some insights from doing so. For this post, I’d like to share with you what I learned.

Counting Calories can boost your confidence

Sitting my fat butt down at the computer on Sunday and tallying up the calories for an evening out Saturday with the wife—man those pulled pork nachos at the Wheelfish were great—I learned that while I didn’t met my Daily Gameday Objective at all the past four days, which is to generally eat under a daily average of 1800 calories, I didn’t go hog wild either.

My average calories for the week—not counting today—is a pineapple slice of calories under what it would take to “maintain” my weight of 300 lbs. Heck! After four days of partying and holiday eating—and an unfortunate case of the old Montezuma’s revenge, I’ll freaking take the fact that I should not gain weight this week-providing I don’t go crazy today.

In years past, I know I had a tendency to totally cave in to health after one bad night. Or, I would use that old excuse about not meeting my goals or failing to attain those unrealistic dieting plans and figuring, “Oh what the hell, may as well enjoy the food I want now.” After all, who gives a flying turd at this point? I can start tomorrow again?

Counting Calories may reveal you are not as bad as you thought you were

This time it feels a bit different. Because I counted calories, and I was not meeting my goals, I surprisingly did not go hog wild either and that surprised me. The calories I counted are evidence that I am normal to a certain degree. I have some will power. I have some control over this. All too often, I believe over eaters tend to believe they have no will power at all.

Each day is a chance to get better

The stomach is still not completely over that “romaine or whatever it was” I had Monday night. As I type, my “old Friend” the gut, still pinches a bit. Nonetheless, due to the temperate weather, and the Steelers kickoff (4 pm EST), I plan to do some yard work and then spend an hour or so at Club Julian, a place I have not been too since Monday.

So it is my hope that today is really the Tuesday I never had. Yes, there is football today and that typically means beers and good times, but after meeting friends for drinks on Tuesday, having a few more Wednesday, Thanksgiving on Thursday, then beers with my Brother and Dad on Friday, blues and BBQ at the Wheel Fish Saturday evening, its time to count my blessing and relax for a day and simply enjoy the football game on TV. Besides counting my blessings, I will also be counting those calories.

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