I drink too much - How excessive beer drinking is ruining my health plans for weight loss

By Scratch

PITTSBURGH (FFD) - So it is becoming painfully obvious that I drink too much. I don’t, or very seldom touch the hard stuff, but I drink a lot of beer. Beer. Glorious Beer.

I drink beer at least three or four days a week. On some days, I can easily have ten beers. That means, according to most online health assessment tests, I have a drinking problem.

Engine de-greaser, solvents, a pigskin and a trio of empties.

Engine de-greaser, solvents, a pigskin and a trio of empties.

I am not alcoholic but I am abusing alcohol. I did a couple online tests that confirmed to me the obvious. So there is that.

Monday was a road game on The Football Fans Diet. As such, I found myself in Detroit for work. All day, I had a good offense planned to combat my inner fat slob. It centered around counting calories.

I watched those calories and opted for healthier options for dinner. In stead of a hamburger and fries, I got a steak salad and a side of French onion soup. For breakfast, I started the day with a juice.

At dinner, I had a craft lager, but I was still good with the football gods. The problem was that later in the evening, I found myself at the TGIF bar attached to our hotel. There I watched the Monday Night Football Game and ordered a 22 oz. Miller Lite. Then I ordered another big tall beer. Then another. I think I had five of those.

Later I walked back to the hotel and ordered a bunch of crap from the hotel pantry. Frozen pizzas, chips, ravioli in a cup, you name it. Emotionally, I was really bummed out too. The hotel was awfully depressing. I couldn’t sleep well. I tossed and turned all night and felt, well, lonely.

I thought about how my family was going on with their lives back home, going about their weeks while I was gone. It is being away that gives one time to think about family and how much it means. So I lay there dejected and fat in that hotel room, and that is when it occurred to me: I have a drinking problem.

As much as I like beer, it ruins all my health plans. I no longer have a good handle on what enjoying a normal beer is like.

I need to step away. I need to get on that wagon and dramatically cut back my alcohol intake.

So today, being Tuesday, promises to be sluggish no doubt, because I had so much trouble sleeping. As such, it was a monumental effort to get out of bed and get on with the day’s work. It took forever to make it down to the hotel lobby for the free breakfast.

So I lost the first day of the preseason on Season 47 of the Football Fan’s Diet. However, I realized something powerful. I have a drinking problem. I need to fix that.