Let's add some Juice to Football Fan's Diet Why the F not?

By Scratch

PITTSBURGH (FFD) - My weight loss efforts are not going well. This exercise, this site, and everything I am doing, has been an exercise in madness. The only insight I can add, is that I need a lifestyle and not a diet.

I wonder. Maybe this website should be called The Football Fan’s Lifestyle? However, what the heck, the domain I have now has some good key words in it so I’ll keep it. Like I must keep this body I have.

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead Documentary

The Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead Documentary by Joe Cross has helped many. Can it help me? I am beginning to think nothing can help me.

The Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead Documentary by Joe Cross has helped many. Can it help me? I am beginning to think nothing can help me.

As I type this, and as the picture on this post indicates, I just drank a green juice. My wife is into this juicing and I suppose I bought into juicing a while back having watched the well known documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead by Joe Cross.

In this documentary Joe Cross drinks nothing but juices to go from, as you guessed, fat, sick, and nearly dead, to a man in great shape. He did this by juicing every day. He juiced his way to health. Sounds difficult to me, but anything I try is difficult anyway.

Making a Lifestyle Versus A Diet Change

Where does this put me as we approach mid-November? Nowhere really. I am on a roller coaster. I do things well for a week or two and then I am have a bad week, get bummed out, and start over. When I try to do something simple like cut calories, it seems like a monumental struggle. The only insight I can add is again, I need a lifestyle I can live and not a diet that I struggle with.

I need health approach that works everyday, gives me energy, and supports my health. Is it juicing? Is it intermittent fasting? Is it counting calories? Is it going low-carb?

They all work for a while, but I keep falling down after a couple weeks and must start over. I then pick out yet another variation in the pathetic hope that some new manner of the same old same old will help me break through a vicious cycle.

So here I am Saturday morning. I just dropped my daughter off at basketball practice and now I am sitting back here typing away at the Football Fan’s Diet. Today was the first day that there was noticeable snow flurries and a little accumulate. My back yard is a blanket of red, yellow and and orange leaves. The only thing green now, was the juice in my cup, and it is gone. I feel a little burst of energy. Can I build on that… It is my hope that today marks the beginning of a new lifestyle and not a diet.