My diet is going really, really bad - going to focus on eating the right kinds of food.

By Scratch,

PITTSBURGH (FFD) - I have had been miserable for a month now, ever since I contracted a damnable cold and cough. The cough still lingers and it sucks. What else sucks? My diet? My Season 47 on The Football Fan’s Diet is off to a fairly shitty start.

Times this by 3. I lost Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday on The Football Fan’s Diet.

Times this by 3. I lost Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday on The Football Fan’s Diet.

Dealing with that damn cough and cold while losing weight

The only thing worse than the cough—is my diet. Once again, only an idiot should do the Football Fan’s Diet. Don’t consult a doctor if you want to try this diet, consult a freaking psychologist, because there is something seriously wrong with your melon, man.

Counting calories sucks - but does it work?

I have tried to make counting calories a part of Daily Gameday Objective and that just went awful. I failed in my health and fitness goals Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On Tuesday, I hit Burger King for lunch and Sheetz later. Both places are off limits in regards to my dieting goals.

I should know better. I do know better.

Intermittent Fasting to the rescue?

I am going to stick to the Warrior’s Diet and this time actually give myself credit if and only if I do it correctly. There is no fast food. The fast food restaurants are still off limits. I need to man up and actually eat whole foods and proteins during the eating window—as proscribed by the Warrior’s Diet. I need to at least have light beer and quit kidding myself that all that Sam’s Adams is good for me. Hell, light beer is not good for me either.

Willpower and dieting—a tough cookie for Fat Mofos

I need something that get me going 60 days in a row. Will this focus on whole foods do the trick for me? Maybe.

Maybe not. I seem to fail at this time and again. This failure has dated back to 2009, which is the last time I actually had any success dieting.

What is my problem? Why can’t I do it now? Do I not have the will power? That makes no sense to me. I am determined. Is that enough? I am not sure what else I can do, but focus on doing it the right way.

Let’s get real now. What do I need to do? I know the answer, but it seems so hard to me. And the answer to that question is not count calories and come up with some grandiose way to manipulate my poor eating habits and caloric accounting in a fashion that would make a jailed Enron accountant beam with pride. I need to turn my focus on the kinds of food I actually eat. What kind of stuff do I routinely put into my body?

  • Pasta

  • Beer

  • Wings

  • Pizza

  • Sandwiches

Does that require willpower? I hope not, because willpower is something that makes no sense for a fat mofo.

Still, I want to focus on changing the types of foods that shovel into my pie hole.

Foods to avoid when losing weight

I need to get rid of enriched flour and fried food, processed food products and avoid a ton of unhealthy places that schlep nothing but nutritional garbage. I know what a healthy meal looks like. It has greens, grains, vegetables, and lean protein. How hard can it be to eat all that stuff?

It seems awfully difficult for me. My appetite to seems to even have an aversion to it at this point. Nonetheless, today I am going to stick to the Warrior’s Diet and simply give it a shot.

What do I have to lose? Just another scrimmage?

Season 47 Scoring Update

I am down 21-0 this week, but Thursday is shaping up well. However, the new daily gameday objective is going to forbid white flour, fast food, fried food, and processed food—except for may some low carb dressings at first.

Other random crap going on in my life

Also on a positive, I have a new temporary office. This office is down the street in the same office park near my current building. However, it has a beautiful trail. I walked this trail for about a half hour two days in a row. The lead picture on this post shows that trail. It is the Brush Creek Trail in Marshall Township, Pa. and spans over into Cranberry Township, Pa. Both areas are the far northern suburbs of Pittsburgh.

But I digress. When I am done walking that trail, I will eat differently now.

How to make the switch to whole foods?

I will commit to salads and whole grains and legumes. Plenty of fruits and vegetables. All done on the Warrior’s Diet. If I do that, will the weight come off? I am not sure at all. I have little faith I can stick to any long term dietary change. I feel like the Gods are aligned against me.

My health franchise would be equal to the Cleveland Browns football franchise

If I were to compare my health franchise—that is my body of work to an actual NFL football franchise over the past ten years—it would clearly be the Cleveland Browns. Yes, it is that woeful. So here I go. I have a new playbook. I will run a new offense and it is called whole foods (give or take).

I am just about out of options so here goings nothing—or everything. My back is against the wall this week. I am down 21-0.

My Inner Fat Slob just kicked off. The ball sails high and deep into the end zone. I pick it up and now I am running it back. Will I score? Tune in tomorrow.