Alternate Day Fasting

As the name implies, Alternate Day Fasting is an intermittent fasting approach whereby a fat dude might fast for a day and then eat on the following day. There are some common guidelines that most folks seem to adhere to on alternate day fasting protocols.

calories Are allowed on alternate Day Fast fasting days

The fasting days are not entirely devoid of all calories. a common guideline for most folks following this intermittent fasting protocol is to allow for 600 calories for a man and 400 for a woman.

So you in some sense, you are on a reduced calorie diet on your fasting days.

Pros and Cons of alternate Day Fasting

Coach’s Thoughts

The pros are that you are always a day away from a normal eating stint. Whereas on the intermittent fasting 20/4 and the 16/8 you have a long fasting stretch to deal with daily.

Scratch did well on this for a little bit. However, the biggest drawback for Scratch—which is why he gave up this style—is that it often doesn’t match up well with what your social, work or life calendar might be for the week.

Naturally with an odd number of week days, each week your fast is going to fall on a different day. Sometimes this can make it hard to plan or coordinate alternate day fasting with major events.

Let’s face it. Scratch does not have that much willpower. He needs to make sure his eating times are aligned with social events. So daily a fast with daily eating window works best for him.

Still, there are some that swear by this approach.

Alternate Day Fasting Resources

Here you go. Read this book.

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Does Alternate Day Fasting dieting Work?

Watch this video and you be the judge.

How To Maximize Your Alternate Day Fasting

Fledge Fitness, and we like their takes, weighs in on how to optimize your alternate day fasting diet.

Will you have more energy on alternate day fasting?

According to this guy, yes. See this and other benefits.

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