The Football Fan's Diet is the only diet that promises you will loose weight or get twice the fat back


Our Mission

Is to make fat guys skinny and ladies that are fat, skinny too—all the while entertaining them and providing football talk. 

Why is that a bar will shut you off when you are drunk, but McDonald’s will keep serving fat people all day and night?
— Coach Corksoaker

The gameplan

  • Each day you meet your Daily Gameday Objective you get a TD. 
  • You get a field goal (FG) if you do something extra healthy.
  • Conversely, you give up a TD if you don't achieve your DGO and, optionally, you give up a FG for doing something extra unhealthy.
  • You track your scores daily both points for and points against
  • At the end of the week, if you scored more than you gave up, you get a W. 
  • If you are outscored, you get a L.
  • You follow an entire NFL season schedule from preseason, regular season (note: you must have a winning record to move past this point), post season and the Super Healthy Bowl. 
  • Each part of the season you should adjust your DGO to make it more challenging. 
  • If you have a less than 500 record during the regular season, start a new season.